My name is Marco Visconti,
and I am a lifelong student and practitioner of the Western Esoteric Tradition.


I have just been notified that I have won, alongside Nathan Hall,
the "Outstanding NEW Author of the Year" at The Witchies 2024, hosted by Modern Witch!

Towards Heliopolis
4 - 11 September 2024

13 - 20 September 2024

Since I started sharing my magical path online almost five years ago, one of the most frequently asked questions has always been:

"When are you going to do an in-person retreat?"

Well, the time to announce it has finally arrived.
I am partnering with Tonelise and Magical Retreats and we are going to the South of France!

In order to meet requests from people who want to attend the retreat but were unable to book before we sold out, we are taking reservations for a second retreat week
from the 13th to the 20th September 2024 

The Aleister Crowley Manual
Thelemic Magick for Modern Times

is out now from Watkins Publishing

This is a no-nonsense, practical guide to working the magick of Aleister Crowley in modern times.

Over the last several years I taught Aleister Crowley's Magick to hundreds of aspirants, proving to myself and others its transmutative powers.

This book brings together the effective techniques and practices from those lessons. We all live very busy lives in increasingly small spaces, but this book shows that to practice magick you don’t need fancy tools or robes or marbles halls.

Magick is truly for everyone, because all you need to practice it is a will set in stone.


I specialise in the Western Esoteric Tradition at large, with a particular interest in Thelema and Crowleyana.
My main focus nowadays is to teach the basis of Thelema and Esoteric Freemasonry to a wider public outside the bonds of oaths and secrets. 

From this endeavour came Magick Without Tears, a "virtual Lodge" of like-minded individuals and honest seekers. Originally started on Patreon, with weekly livestreams and over 500 articles written during the lockdown years,  it has since evolved into its own network with courses and classes available on-demand.

From 2014 to 2018 I worked at Treadwell’s Books, a hub of international expertise on Western esotericism, where I learned all the tricks and secrets of esoteric book trading.

Prior to that, I lived a life as a music professional with an international career spanning over 15 years, gaining credence as a countercultural figure in the alternative underground scene. I am a founding member of electro-industrial band XP8, and have been playing and producing  with Faderhead since 2008. Recently, I wrote and produced an EP under the name of Pylon People.

I appeared on stage with many other industrial bands such as Unter Null, Grendel, Dope Stars Inc., and VNV Nation. As DJ Azrael, my ministrations included Resistanz Festival, Club AntiChrist, and Slimelight (UK), Death Guild (San Francisco, CA), Summer Darkness (Utrecht, NL), and Zoe Club, Decadence, and Ritual (Italy), and countless others.

A Thelemite and Freemason, I have been a member of the international esoteric community for over two decades, receiving initiation into the A∴A∴, Choronzon Club, and Ordo Templi Orientis: I am currently the driving force behind Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis in Anglia, a thelemic and gnostic church not tied to any particular Order or organisation.

Italian science-fiction author (and very good friend) Francesco Dimitri pays tribute to my underground persona through his signature character Dagon in La Ragazza dei miei Sogni. A film adaptation was released in 2017 (trailer here and now available for streaming on Amazon Video). I was responsible for the translation of numerous key esoteric texts from English to Italian, such as Michael Bertiaux’s Lucky Hoodoo and Cosmic Meditation.