To offer a new, interactive way of engaging with esoteric teaching. There are no gurus or ascended masters here, no boasting of A∴A∴ grades or belittling those who have not received a formal initiation. This is a safe space where you can grow into your practice no matter your experience level.

Consider me a sort of esoteric personal trainer: someone who did the Work diligently for almost 3 decades now, and is more than happy to share the tips and tricks of the trade with those truly willing to learn.



  • Over 30 lessons in practical magick and over 90 hours of recorded Q&A sessions, with more coming each week.

  • The Tarot of the Month, where I give you a general outlook of what the next 4 weeks will be like on a macrocosmic level.

  • A vibrant community of fellow seekers that constantly engages in magical discourse over on our own Discord server.

  • Weekly livestream focuses on the community's questions: we call it The Ramblenomicon. (Yesod Tier and above).

  • Monthly explorations of the Enochian system, as well as the study and practice various Grimoires such as the Arbatel. (Yesod Tier and above).

  • Monthly guided pathworkings exploring extravagant vistas up and down the Spheres. (Paroketh Tier and above).

  • A full archive of all my seminars and workshops on specific topics so far. More will be added in time! (Paroketh Tier and above).

  • 1-on-1 monthly mentorship (Tiphereth Tier and above).

  • Religious and political discourse: I am firmly convinced that a magician must be informed and able to discuss both, and you will find plenty of it from me and the other members of the community. We stand strongly against the resurgence of fascist philosophies and how they are seeping back into occulture, and will not tolerate dog-whistling of any kind.

  • No tolerance towards spiritual escapism: magick is a lifelong alchemical process of deep transformation. If you are looking for something quirky to do while you scroll your Instagram or TikTok feed, this community might not be for you.

  • No tolerance towards conspirituality: QAnon is a criminal organisation, Pizzagate is a myth created by far right loonies, and vaccines are good for your health. If you don't agree with this, please don't join.